Monday, May 24, 2010

Keeping the Blogger {B}log, it's too lucky to give up!

I have decided to stick with this {B}log not because I am lazy.... HECK NO (im still working on blog numero two) but I am a little superstitious, I believe in hanging on to something that you have given a chance and following through so this {B}log will continue on {as will my rambling}.  I am keeping this Blog as more of a personal blog and I think it will suit those needs very nicely. :)  

So, this weekend was a double header for Weddings.  One on Friday and another on Sat.  I had mentioned the dreaded 'R' word... i'll give you a clue ends in an A.I.N.  Brides and photographers don't really like to hear the entire word.  Need I explain.  NO, good didn't think so.  
A friend told me that the 'R' word is a sign of Good Luck and Fertility.  This, I didn't know but found it to be slightly true... the Luck part, not the Fertility ;).  It rained both days at both weddings but as Luck would have it both days were AMAZING and So very GREEN!

Here are some shots from both days... Enjoy! 

Wedding shot with my dearest photog. friend Melissa at the Enchanted Barn in WI... it's a little of the beaten path but such a serene location!  

Day Two:  Wedding a la rain... wait pour, it was raining like I never thought it would end, but when it did
finally end the sun broke through the clouds and it was a beauutiFUL day!  


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