Saturday, July 24, 2010


I am happy to say I am adding a Blog to my blog... you got that?  ;) This is so that I can make this blog into a boudoir designated place to post photos.  The new and improved blog > will be my main home and I will be getting caught up on some shoots I have been doing this summer ~ it's been so much fun!  If I have photographed you, and you are a non boudoir client check out the new stuff!
Thank you for your patience and understanding while I go through this transition!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stefany and Simon at Linders

I was so excited when I met with this couple from the start, they were giddy and had such great ideas for both their engagement shoot and Wedding photos.  The best part about Stef and Simon is that their love for each other radiates literally from smiling ear to ear.  My favorite quote from them is when Simon would whisper 'I love you Stef' in her ear and then she would reply, 'No I love you more Simon... this big!' and then she would put her arms outstretched as far as she could.

I am so delighted to be photographing these two on their wedding day at Camp Lacamaga in the fall!

Simon's family owns Linders Garden Center, Simon does the graphic arts for them and spends a lot of time with their parrot who was super nice, the day we visited him.

They gave me the back tour of Linders which was so beautiful and green and colorful, it was a green thumb's heaven!!!

We also went to the studio for a little singing and guitar playing, not only is this couple beautiful but they have some serious pipes to boot.  Their boots btw, loved those too!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Appleye Photography {What's a Boudoir Contest}~

It's summertime ... of course it's a little hot, but so are you! ;)

We are bringing Sexy back! Sometimes we, as women, want to try something a little crazy.
 you will laugh. you will saaamirk. you will love it... and so will he.
Boudoir is .... Contest #2 for the summertime!  
Because in MN you are only tan one season of the year. 

 Appleye Photography is spreading the idea that Boudoir is fun, tasteful, and for everyone
We are offering a FREE, yes entirely free session, WITH a second Photographer who is equally as talented {we like to get creative so you are guaranteed to shake it like a Polaroid picture!}  

The session will be tastefully done at the Studio at :
1330 Quincy St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55412

The Boudoir session is valued at $250, we provide the private space with private changing area, the wine, props ie. peacock feathers and whatever we think best fits your personal style.  We will do a personal consult with you in advance to make sure your shoot s stylized personally to fit you.

* If you would like a hair and makeup expert we have that too for an additional charge of $30, please note arrangements need to be made in advance if you need this service.  All makeup is MAC, you must bring your own foundation.  $10 extra fee for lashes, We love our lashes!

OMG*The first 8 ladies that enter the contest will also receive $50 off the $250 session fee and a $50 mini album credit.  He can hide it under his bed, we won't tell!

1.  Become a Fan of Appleye Photography on Facebook, and post in you status that you are a fan of Appleye Photography  Post must include the link to the website.
2.  Entries must be emailed privately to Bethany and at least one paragraph long including your name, email address, and phone number. 
3.  The winner must schedule their free Boudoir session within 3 months of Friday, June 11th.
4.  The Due date for all submissions is: Friday, June 11th! 
5.  You must have fun, bring his shorts, socks, ties, shirts, and we will bring the wine and a second photographer so you will feel 100% comfortable because we are just that good!  
6.   Email Bethany at if you have questions and best of luck!
7.  Palease be creative, Bethany will anonymously post the winner's definition on the Blog once the winner has been chosen, hint *use humor, passion, and some sass!

Keeping the Blogger {B}log, it's too lucky to give up!

I have decided to stick with this {B}log not because I am lazy.... HECK NO (im still working on blog numero two) but I am a little superstitious, I believe in hanging on to something that you have given a chance and following through so this {B}log will continue on {as will my rambling}.  I am keeping this Blog as more of a personal blog and I think it will suit those needs very nicely. :)  

So, this weekend was a double header for Weddings.  One on Friday and another on Sat.  I had mentioned the dreaded 'R' word... i'll give you a clue ends in an A.I.N.  Brides and photographers don't really like to hear the entire word.  Need I explain.  NO, good didn't think so.  
A friend told me that the 'R' word is a sign of Good Luck and Fertility.  This, I didn't know but found it to be slightly true... the Luck part, not the Fertility ;).  It rained both days at both weddings but as Luck would have it both days were AMAZING and So very GREEN!

Here are some shots from both days... Enjoy! 

Wedding shot with my dearest photog. friend Melissa at the Enchanted Barn in WI... it's a little of the beaten path but such a serene location!  

Day Two:  Wedding a la rain... wait pour, it was raining like I never thought it would end, but when it did
finally end the sun broke through the clouds and it was a beauutiFUL day!  


Monday, April 26, 2010

New Blog ~ time for change!

TIME for a FACE LIFT!  ~ My husband and I just got back from Florida and I had a lot of time to reflect and think what does Appleye mean to me?  Well, I am moving my blog this week to a very exciting and new {B}log that will encompass most of all photography, some travels, and some bits and pieces of life!
Writing, photos, and exploring have been obsessions of mine since I learned how to ride a bike and I have been wanting to get something that evokes the word Appleye Photography with just a glance of the page!

My fantabulous graphic designer, Stacy {} and I have come up with some wild ideas and have been looking forward to getting it started.  Stacy is also engaged to Dan and is getting married in Mexico on the beach this February!  My beloved camera and I can't wait to shoot the Wedding, and are very honored for being able to participate in the festivities that will take place!  {Stay tuned for engagement photos soon!}
I also wanted to say thank you for those of you who read and follow the {B}log... I know I haven't been the best bloggigity blogger out there but with inspiration and determination comes greatness ~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nicole + Colin are engaged!

This was such a sweet couple, they had the idea to bring the sled and get photos on the sled and then we ended up going to my favorite coffee shop near my house afterwards to warm up! 
Melissa and I from Ladeda Photography had so much fun shooting Nicole and Colin we couldn't stop clicking away!  ~B

Meghan + Zach = Fun!

This is one of my all time favorite Weddings of the year!  I shot this Wedding with Studio Seven Photography and we had an absolute blast.   I'm warning you, there were SO many great photos and we were fortunate to spend a 12 hour day with Meghan and Zach. I hope you have timeto scroll through them all as I couldn't resist posting these.  Enjoy!  ~B


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