Monday, November 9, 2009

Glamour at Drama and makeovers with Jungle Red {Uptown}

Meet Courtney Smallbeck, she is the super trendy and fab owner of Drama Boutique in Uptown.
1203 Lagoon Ave.

I love this red bag featured top right h. corner, it will be on my X-mas list for sure...ahem! {Just incase my husband sees this!}

Courtney hosted Glamour Event last week along with Jungle Red Salon.
Clients who spent $50 or more recieved a free consult and a photo by yours truly!  ;)

I have always enjoyed makeup can you tell?  It's always fun to watch other people apply using different techniques... these ladies knew how to make their clients eye POP!!!

I don't know about you, but I have always wanted a personal hair stylist M-F... I'll keep dreeeeaaaming!

LOVE her coats, sweaters, jeans, tunicks... what am I saying I loved it all!

Just a sample of one of Courtney's clients, we had so much fun!!!
Keep scrolling down!

Thanks for stopping by... this was one of my fav. shoots so far.  If I could add music I would opt and add girls just want to have fun... I guess Blogger isn't that advanced yet.... one can wish!  :) ~B

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